Workforce management

Empowering your business and employees

Verge Workforce Management service partners with organisations in the public and private sector to enable a proactive, strategic, and operational approach to resource management.

The workforce management division of a business plans for the largest cost component within an organisation – the people. It plans all resources utilised in an organisation from people, desks, computers, vehicles, training venues and any other resources used. When a workforce is managed effectively, unnecessary costs are reduced.

What Verge’s Workforce Management Service adds to your business

Verge assists you in maximising efficiencies through the effective planning of all resources within your organisation. Verge will implement SABS standards where applicable and show you how to incorporate a blend of best practice in workforce management into your organisation.

By matching resources with customer demand, an effective workforce management division aims to improve efficiencies within the business. Working with Verge allows you the flexibility to keep your workforce management function in-house, or to outsource the function. Gains in the following areas will be quickly achieved in your business:

  • Reduced costs
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Optimal utilisation of existing systems and applications
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved planning and scheduling of all resources
  • Streamlined communication
  • Proactive planning of resources
  • Budget planning integration
  • Performance management reporting at all levels

The Verge Workforce Management Methodology

Verge’s proven methodology helps you to realise measurable cost savings in your organisation, while at the same time improving the customer experience.

The fully integrated Verge workforce management methodology effectively plans all resources required to achieve business outcomes in each value chain within an organisation.

Typical workforce management methodology:

  • Staffing levels are maintained based on "what is needed" or "what was needed last month"
  • Forecasting of interactions occurs for the next 3-6 months
  • Targets may exist but are not always reported against
  • There is limited or no integration to the finance department
  • There is little or no visibility between departments
  • Reactive workforce management
  • Limited and non-integrated reporting tools

Verge’s Workforce Management Service methodology:

  • Staffing levels match demand and schedules are optimised
  • A flexible resource pool is maintained to handle unplanned events
  • Forecasting occurs for short term and up to 2 years into the future
  • All targets are understood by all stakeholders and reported against as needed, critical targets are reported real time
  • Integration between delivery and supply channels
  • Risks are identified early to allow for proactive resolution
  • All resource needs are identified well before required
  • Demand of resources managed against ratios

To enable this in your organisation, the Verge Workforce Management Service looks at the following key areas in your business:

  • Consolidation of data sources used in the planning process
  • Aligning the planning process to the organisation’s vision and goals
  • Creating schedules and plans to effectively and efficiently deliver against expectations
  • Integrating ratio management into your organisation
  • Understating and planning for the future
  • Embedding a proactive approach to planning within the organisation
  • Creating smooth communication channel for all outcomes to all levels of your organisation

Integrating our workforce management methodology with your technology

If you already have workforce planning software in place, the Verge Workforce Management methodology can easily be incorporated. If you don’t, we can advise you on the software best suited to your requirements. We will offer you an objective recommendation that will suit the needs of your business now and in the future.