Shared Services

Do what you do best, share the rest

In large and complex organisations resources are often wasted on non-core support services. These are functions that, although necessary in the effective running of the business, are not related to the core products or services.

For organisations to ensure their success, it is becoming increasingly important to free up time, attention, resources and energy to focus on core business and service delivery.

An organisation with its back office in order is more effective and profitable. Because of its transparent, streamlined processes, its customers are satisfied.

Verge Shared Services - support when you need it

Verge partners with clients and offers a full service in a phased approach that will ensure your shared services division is implemented effectively and efficiently.

We assist with the scoping of requirements, development of a business case and gaining endorsement from decision-makers. We also provide interim management capacity to drive the implementation of the shared service, until it is running effectively. To mature shared service centres, we provide innovation and optimisation services.

Shared service assessment, design, implementation and stabilisation

The Verge Shared Service assessment and design service provides:

  • A shared service business case
  • Ring-fenced existing support services
  • Redesigned support processes
  • Enhanced shared service management capacity
  • Optimised processes and innovation opportunities

Developing the shared service business case

In order to build a business case for shared services, it is important to understand the need for shared services, as well as define the existing service lines.

Verge will assist in developing the business case and defining the roadmap for implementation of shared services. Simply put, this entails ring-fencing existing services to identify exactly which people, assets, costs and revenue are involved. Verge then assesses how much could be saved and what other benefits could be derived from centralising them.

Redesigning processes

Managing business process is core to optimising shared services. Verge will assist in streamlining support functions such as finance, HR, internal audit, procurement and IT into a shared environment. This avoids duplication and allows divisions to focus on their core services.

Enhancing management capacity

Some organisations are equipped to run their own shared service implementations from the start. Others require more support, even to the extent of having full management teams shadow them throughout the initial 2-3 year period of implementation. Verge provides interim management capacity to ensure that the shared service project moves from basic implementation to stabilisation.

Innovating beyond the basics

Organisations need to develop their capacity to continually improve and innovate. Once the shared service is functioning effectively, Verge provides services to look for process optimisation opportunities, and to introduce quality excellence and innovative ways of operating. Verge assists newly established shared service organisations to move beyond stabilisation into the maturity phase, in which they are able to continuously analyse and improve their own practice, becoming market leaders.

Shared Services Model
Shared Services Model