Revenue Management

Revenue management that adds to your bottom line

Many organisations experience great difficulties in effectively managing revenue. Whether it be due to lack of capacity or poor accountability arrangements, effective revenue management is often neglected.

In the public sector specifically, where the revenue is derived from public funds, there is an increasing demand from oversight bodies, including the Auditor-General, for effective revenue management to take place. Improving your revenue management means keeping control over your finances, and ultimately increasing your revenue.

Verge Revenue Management Services

Verge offers a full outsourcing of the revenue management process, from identification of revenue sources and development of asset registers, through to collection and accounting systems. Verge works with clients to improve in the entire revenue management process of an organisation, ensuring that there are adequate controls and systems in place.

Verge focuses on effective revenue management, including maximising revenue collected from all sources, ensuring compliance where applicable, and analysis and improvement of existing service level agreements.

In value-based arrangements, Verge derives its fees from successfully accounted for revenue.

The Verge Approach

Working with partners, Verge is able to offer off-the-shelf or custom built IT solutions that plug into your existing system. Together, Verge and out partners are able to deliver specific software especially for your revue management needs.

The Verge approach is holistic, based on a typical revenue management value chain.

Revenue Management
Verge Revenue Management Approach

Current processes are reviewed and gaps are identified in conjunction with you. Verge will ensure that people involved have the necessary capabilities to manage revenue collection effectively. In addition, Verge assesses the adequacy of IT systems and management information generated by these systems.

A revenue management system from Verge will:

  • Improve your bottom line
  • Ensure efficiency
  • Promote accuracy
  • Fit in with your systems
  • Offer visible reporting