Business Process Management

Empowering management to achieve planned results

Cost effective, competitive service delivery

To stay ahead in a competitive market or to improve cost effectiveness and service delivery there is a need to continuously find better and more effective ways of doing business.

Business process management focuses on selecting and optimising the processes, people and technology in a business to improve its performance. Successful management of business processes enables you to align what you do every day with the strategic and operational objectives of your business. Optimal business process management ensures that all organisational assets are utilised in the most effective and efficient manner.

What will Verge Business Process Management add to my business?

We believe that organisations can no longer afford to have process interventions only when things go wrong or when there is a need to develop new systems or technology. Business process management and change management should be a part of everyday operations.

Verge will assist you to streamline your processes so that the whole organisation is involved on a daily basis. The purpose is to transform the general business information gathered into structured knowledge about your business. We share this knowledge with the whole team by making the information visible to every one and encourage collaboration, ensuring that every member of your business understands the processes.

Business process management facilitated by Verge will enable your management team to make the best decisions possible in the interest of your organisation. It will support your management team through empowerment, knowledge, support, systems, education and leadership.

The Verge Business Process Management solution will make sure you have a team of managers that are:

  • In control
  • Empowered
  • Supported
  • Equipped
  • Skilled
  • Leaders
  • Delivery focused

The Verge Business Process Management Approach

A completely integrated approach

Verge Management Services is highly skilled in partnering organisations in the daunting task of aligning and improving business processes. We utilise a highly successful business process management philosophy and supportive methodologies, combining the systemic and business architecture approach to business process management.

Integrated Business Process Management Approach
Integrated Business Process Management Approach

Verge’s business architecture approach to business process management includes key elements of strategy, process, people, technology and information, each of which are interrelated and interdependent. At Verge, we aim to increase the efficiency of your business processes by improving the congruency between the elements.