Business Process Modelling and Workflow Automation

Business Process Management (BPM) is greatly enhanced when implemented through a user-friendly, integrated and automated BPM system. BPM software puts process management in the hands of business users. By building effective flowcharts that enhance the clarity of company operations, your business process reengineering project will be effective. In this new era of information technology, the time is right to adopt a BPM system. In order to align your company goals in both business and IT, your company must achieve a level of process orchestration that will bring greater agility and adaptability to operations.

BPM is about much more than process mapping. Real-time management requires a BPM tool that enables efficient process design, document management, risk management, audit trails and full integration with the latest industry standards such as BPEL and BPMN. With EPC, users can automate selected human and system-centric business processes with an advanced integrated Workflow engine, allowing you to align your process workflow with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Manage high level processes with the reassurance that they will be executed according to company strategies while making efficient use of IT systems and human resources.

It is business people who are behind processes; our software empowers you to take control.

Interfacing Technologies Corporation's Enterprise Process Centre (EPC) BPM Suite provides this power. Verge is the proud delivery partner for EPC in Sub Saharan Africa. Verge also provides all supportive services to ensure your organisation unlocks the full power of the EPC business suite including:

  • Product delivery and installation
  • System support and configuration
  • Technical support; hosting
  • Baseline  process mapping
  • Full consultation services
  • Training

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Please follow the links below for a full EPC product brochure, a local implementation case study and to explore more on the EPC product on the Interfacing Technologies website

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