Quality Intelligence

Improving customer services intelligently

Verge Quality Intelligence

Measuring and assessing how staff interact with your customers is critical in today’s customer driven environment, and utilising this information to improve service delivery is central to business growth. If you want to improve your customers’ experience, Verge’s Quality Intelligence service is the perfect partner for your business.

The Verge Quality Intelligence service transforms your existing quality assurance division into a value adding business unit. It assists you to align the internal processes in your business with customer expectations and preferences. If your organisation does not have a quality assurance division, Verge will partner with you to create one and assist you in implementing our proven best practice methodology.

Quality Intelligence versus Quality Assurance

The Verge Quality Intelligence service recognises that accessing and interpreting information gained from listening to what customers say about the service they receive is vital to a company’s growth and profitability. Because of this understanding, Verge has rewritten the typical quality assurance rules on how assessments are conducted as well as how this information is utilised within the organisation.

Typical Quality Assurance Process

  • Emphasises the behaviour and knowledge of staff
  • Tracks information and provides it to frontline leadership to address challenges
  • Reports scores on a scale to the organisation

Verge Quality Intelligence Process

  • Assesses customer interactions on quality, compliance and adherence to business rules
  • Measures customer experience and expectations
  • Tracks information, provides recommendations and solutions, collaborates with frontline leadership on what makes up a high quality interaction
  • Highlights challenges to various divisions within the business that impact on customers
  • Provides initial implementation and ongoing change management strategy to create an organisation that focuses on improving the customer experience

Verge’s Quality Intelligence service in your business

By measuring output in the areas of customer interaction, through the integration of solutions into your processes, and by focusing on continuous improvement of the customer experience, Verge offers strategic intelligence to your business.

Employing the Verge Quality Intelligence methodology ensures that the entire quality cycle is managed effectively, either separately as an outsourced division or through integration with your existing quality assurance team. This Quality Intelligence service also consists of specialists in the industry who utilise the latest methodology to assist you.

Quality Intelligence in not only growing your business, but in eliminating risks or future growth constraints.

The Verge Quality Intelligence team will:

  • Identify strategic business opportunities to help your business grow.
  • Assess if you are correctly staffed to ensure high quality service to your clients.
  • Ensure the correct verification or compliance measures are in place and provide effective feedback when challenges do occur.
  • Provide unbiased statistics on customer satisfaction.
  • Identify the link between service and your brand identity, and give overall feedback on what is functioning efficiently and what requires attention.

Return on investment

  • Understanding of customer behavioural patterns
  • Understanding of customers’ needs / expectations which are constantly changing
  • Identification of training needs
  • Identification of new business opportunities
  • Identification of risks to the business
  • Improved customer retention through an integrated quality process
  • Reduced costs – increased efficiency