Programme Management - Design, manage, deliver

Effective, on-time delivery on complex projects and programmes can present a challenge to any organisation. Especially if the project in question is a collaboration between the private and public sector. Verge Management Service partners with companies and government to provide the expertise for multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder programme management, primarily for those focused on addressing service delivery challenges and involving the public and private sector working together.

Our management of complex programmes is exemplary. We design the evaluation frameworks and will implement formative and summative assessments where required. Our management extends to stakeholders as well as to any change to ensure that participantís concerns and issues are effectively addressed.

Verge Programme Management Expertise

Verge procures the services of only the very best service providers, and takes responsibility for managing them. Verge keeps a close eye on the programme management, every step of the way, overseeing risk and issues with the schedule and addressing them as and when they arise.

Verge will:

  • Conduct a needs analysis to determine what needs to be addressed in the programme.
  • Assist you with solution design including identifying the key outcomes, setting objectives, defining milestones, quantifying resource requirements and establishing project teams.
  • Savings from reduced overtime staffing.
  • Identify any maintenance and expansion requirements that might exist.

Verge is completely committed to every assignment we undertake, and we will provide programme management through all its phases, ensuring it remains on schedule. This is valuable to you, especially if there are financial penalties relating to poor delivery.

Programme Management
Programme Management

Programme management expertise that makes a difference

Verge offers specific value added services that enhance our programme management capability:

  • Conceptual programme design. This expertise means that you are able to implement projects that deliver on what they are required to
  • Raising of capital and interface with financial institutions on your behalf
  • Stakeholder engagement, ensuring that the needs of all parties are taken into account
  • Change management, ensuring that the programme journey is guided and supported
  • Handle the programmeís financial management and cost containment, generating regular and accurate financial reports