Change Management

Change is inevitable, success is not

Change is fundamental to the growth and development of an organisation. Achieving the desired levels of organisational performance depends largely on how well change is managed when it does occur.

Change management presents the challenge of minimising the inevitable dips in performance that arise due to issues of resistance and an inability to let go of the "old". The overall success of any initiative that induces change depends on addressing these people-related issues. An organisation that successfully meets this change management challenge is one that is willing to accept ownership and responsibility for sustaining long-term change.

Verge Management Services works with clients to effectively manage change within an organisation. Verge will assist you in identifying and avoiding the common difficulties that naturally occur during periods of transition. Verge works with you to ensure that effective change management takes place.

The Verge approach to change management

Human behaviour is not random; it has structure and reason, instigated and directed by a set of beliefs. In order to change an established response and effect meaningful change, an individualís set of beliefs need to be challenged.

Verge has a unique change management methodology that focuses on managing the natural human reaction to change. By concentrating on this area we can shorten the time from what is commonly termed immobilisation to acceptance.

Verge Management Services helps organisations recognise the signs of people related risks, and to address these. Our change management approach is to surface resistance early in order to identify opportunities that:

  • Build change resilience skills and coping strategies
  • Assist people to understand fully the change process and its implications
  • Facilitate acceptance of these implications and move forward
  • Create a positive outcome for your business and your customers

Whatever the state of change in your business, Verge equips your organisation with the change management tools you need to maximise individual performance in a systematic way, thereby ensuring the organisationís performance objectives are achieved. Well implemented and well managed change within an organisation means happier staff, which results in happier customers. A positive workforce has a direct impact on a positive bottom line in your business.

Successful change management in your business

Verge Management Services will make sure everyone in your organisation understands the theory behind change management, and is better equipped to recognise and manage resistance to change. Verge will share the secret of changing antagonists into change champions, help reduce resistance to change and build resilience in your team. Verge will assist you in applying practical change management tools and in integrating change effectively into your business.

The Change Management Process

Change Management Process
The Change Management Process


  • Plan the change management programme
  • Ensure a common understanding of the change effort
  • Create capacity for implementing the change network


  • Understand the impact of change
  • Determine levels of change fatigue
  • Provide a reflection of risks and issues


  • Identify influential and impacted stakeholders
  • Understand stakeholder concerns and information requirements
  • Manage communications in a pro-active and systematic manner
  • Create ability to respond to risks and issues


  • Ensure a common view of what the change management programme is about, its intended value and benefits, and how it will be implemented
  • Mobilise and align leadership around the vision and business cases
  • Prove an opportunity for leadership coaching and mentoring

Personal meaning

  • Facilitate the creation of meaningful and relevant change events