Business Philosophy – Business Process Outsourcing

Both the private and public sectors today face the substantial challenge of delivering cost effective and efficient services. Business process outsourcing (BPO) allows appropriate delivery capacity to be located outside of the public sector or large private sector organisations, ensuring optimal delivery.

Verge’s business process outsourcing solution provides:

Programme management that meets the client's needs

Many large-scale programmes focusing on meeting complex service expectations require specially skilled and diverse teams of resources. As experts in business process outsourcing, Verge specialises in understanding the specific needs of individual clients. Verge offers programme management and management of in-house or outsourced delivery teams that effectively meets the requirements of a particular assignment.

Verge builds its business process outsourcing service around three key principles:

  • Client needs are specific and may be unique in some regards. We need to invest time and expertise in understanding and interpreting these appropriately.
  • Effective delivery solutions should be developed through utilising processes and methodologies that are tested and proven to work. Verge selects 'best of breed' solutions that can be tailored to meet particular needs.
  • Innovation and generation of creative solutions are critical to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of clients. Verge strives constantly to seek alternative ways of working that may generate a combination of service improvements, cost savings and process efficiencies for clients, including in instances where this has not been specifically requested.

Verge Management Services Services Model