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Strategy and Transformation

Business success starts with a strategy that describes how an organisation will achieve its purpose

Public, private and public benefit organisations all require a set of objectives and measures that guide performance and determine outcomes. Verge works with our clients to clearly articulate what longer term success looks like, and how it can be achived in a context of increasing competition, limited to resources and complex risk.

We actively define programmes for moving organisations from their current position, into their desired future state, through a process of transformation and reengineering. This involves consultation, collaboration and joint decision-making.

Our strategy work is informed by detailed research and data-gathering.

Shared Services

Increasingly large and complex organisations over the past 15-20 years have recognised the need to optimise resources being directed into non-core support services, in order to release time and attention for managing the core business. Verge specialises in the design and implementation of shared service centres, including the development of comprehensive business cases, the design of operating models, the ring-fencing and optimising of business processes, training and preparation of staff and full change mangement and implementation support.

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We offer services to help you manage your business while you focuss on your core business functions.